Clemens Hoffman comes from a family of musicians. Apart from studying piano and composition at the Academy of Music in Maastricht, he has been writing songs and playing in pop bands from an early age.

Clemens Hoffman - Collage

He has been performing with his band Mirage for years, both in the Netherlands and abroad, playing mainly his own songs. Some of the band’s highlights include: recording several CDs , performing in musicals, creating several theatrical productions and going on tour a couple of times.

A CD project in Los Angeles, consisting solely of his own work and performed by some of LA’s best studio musicians, has resulted in a collaboration with World International Records (W.I.R.) in Vienna, who released the complete works.

“Writing music, and songs in particular, has been the biggest driving force in my life from an early age. Being ‘torn’ between classical and pop music is a recurring theme in my writing, but I have actually come to the conclusion that all of that is nonsense. There are only two kinds of music: good and bad!”

Clemens Hoffman - MusicClemens has been teaching piano and songwriting since his student years. After gaining experience at some music schools, he set up his own teaching practice in 2000. One of the remarkable characteristics of his teaching method is that he records his students’ performances regularly, not only giving the students the pleasure of recording, but also teaching them to listen to themselves critically.

He has always been interested in finding and selling special (grand) pianos, which is why he studied piano mechanics in Amsterdam for two years. He is currently writing his third piano book. His plans for the future, apart from publishing the above-mentioned books, include writing a piano methodology and recording a new CD with the band, Mirage.
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Clemens Hoffman